Chiemsee in Early Spring

A beautiful lake, snow-capped mountains, a picturesque island village, a castle on another island – this is what you get when you make a little trip to the wonderful Chiemsee, 90 km from Bavaria’s capital Munich. Obligatory is a trip by boat to the two islands Women’s and Men’s Island (Fraueninsel and Herreninsel), the first and smaller one bearer of a women’s convent, the latter home of Herrenchiemsee palace of Ludwig II of Bavaria, who is sometimes called the Swan King, Mad King or the Fairy Tale King. I personally liked Fraueninsel more as it’s cuter and has a more islandish feeling: a small village with shops, little houses, restaurants and beer gardens surrounded by water. Herreninsel is bigger and kind of just has the palace, a monastery and a forest on it.

We started from Gstadt am Chiemsee, a little village on the north-west side of the lake. The ferry usually takes you to Prien in the west (after landing on both of the islands), but on Herreninsel we decided to go back to Gstadt and go with our our car to Prien to save some time.

All in all a beautiful trip: cold, but with magnificent views of the lake and the surrounding mountains. And the Inselbier, the Fraueninsel’s local brew is definitely worth a try.

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