Ukraine Calendars – Kiev & Odessa 2023

Kiev Calendar Cover

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Get a photo calendar and do some good, too!

The war in Ukraine is still raging. Roughly 10 years ago, 2013, I had the opportunity to visit the country. It was before everything started, even one year before the Euromaidan protests. I visited Odessa and Kiev and was kindly and warmly welcomed by a friend I met some years ago during a so-called Summer University I co-organised, and I also got to know her amiable, witty and funny friends. I was stunned by their hospitality and also by the beauty and contrasts of the country’s cities and landscapes.

To share a bit of the uniqueness and splendour of the country and its cities, I went through the pictures I took during my trip, edited and processed them a bit as I was using an older camera and a lens that was not quite so good with regard to my standards today, and eventually, I compiled two calendars rich in variety. The first one boasts 15 photos taken in Kiev and surroundings, showing the multitude of facets Ukraine’s capital has to offer. The second calendar features pictures of Odessa – beautifully situated on the shore of the Black Sea – depicting the many contrasts that can be found in this unique harbour city. From Art Deco buildings to graffiti art to classic ex-Soviet-Union style, you don’t stop to marvel!

If you are interested to adorn a part of your wall with one of those calendars and at the same time do something good… well… you can!

For 18 € you have one of the two calendars (or both for 34 €) soon hanging from your wall in your living, dining or any other room! Or in any other person’s room if given as present. The pictures are beautifully printed on picture/art printing paper. The format of the calendar is A3 landscape.

10% donated to help Ukrainian people

10% of the proceeds will be donated to ‘Blau-Gelbes Kreuz e.V.’. The ‘Blue-Yellow Cross’ is a state-recognised non-profit association based in Cologne, which has already been supporting the development of a free, democratic Ukraine since 2014 and provides aid for the victims of the war, especially children, internally displaced persons, injured and other people in great need from the war-affected regions.

This way, you and I can contribute at least a bit to help those people who have lost a lot – and still do! And by hanging up the calendar, we have the opportunity to get to know a tiny little aspect of their country. Because the more we know each other, the closer we can grow.

If you may, just have a look at the images featured in the calendars (click to enlarge):



If you like the idea having one or both calendars on you wall at home or your office and at the same time support the people in Ukraine a little, just drop me an e-mail at (or a text message via any other means) and I’ll send you all the necessary details (payment, shipping, etc.).

Calendar details

  • 42,0 x 29,7 cm (A3)
  • landscape format
  • at least 13 motives (15 Kiev, 13 Odessa)
  • picture/art printing paper with 250 g/m2
  • matte, non-glossy paper to avoid light reflexions
  • white spiral binding
  • important to know: no calendar labelling, which means that no months, days, weekdays are displayed, only and purely the photos
    (I thought: Who really looks at dates on picture calendars? Plus: If you don’t entirely like a picture, just shift to the next ‘month’. Plus plus: You can use the calendar even in 2028, or 2035, or you can give it to somebody else as present the next year. Or start in June with January. So many possibilities.
    HOWEVER, if you really are into numbers and months, I might be able to offer you a reprint of the calendar(s) with a calendar labelling. Just e-mail me and I see what I can do.)

By the way, if you happen to want more than just one or two calendars (Christmas presents for the whole family or company anyone?), we can work out some discount.


  • Within Germany: 6 € (with tracking)
  • EU countries: 11,50 € small parcel (or 14 € with tracking)
  • UK & Switzerland: 14,50 € small parcel (or 18,50 € with tracking)
  • Other countries: 19 € small parcel (or 23 € with tracking)
  • Or personal collection/delivery (if in the same town, of course 😉)
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